Mechanical Processing

The Power of Mechanical Processing for Perfectly Formed Parts.

Most parts are produced from factories in forms that cannot be directly used in assembly. Take full advantage of our extensive mechanical processing capabilities and expertise to give form to your metal and plastic parts at the most cost-effective way.

Cut – in – length

The simplest form of mechanical processing is cutting long parts into ready-to- use lengths. Recognizing that dimensional tolerances play a pivotal role in the quality of the finished parts, we leverage a wide range of machinery tailored to meet diverse requirements. Our meticulously selected equipment ensures that each finished part attains the exact tolerances demanded by your specific project.


Punching & drilling

In many applications, parts need to be assembled with the use of screws, nuts or rivets. With our expertise in mechanical processing, we excel at delivering flawlessly executed hole production, ensuring seamless integration of your components. The holes required can be produced in several ways, most commonly by punching a hard metal piece through the raw material or by drilling the hole in the required position.


Threading & milling tapping

In the case of assembly with screws is required, the threads can be prepared before assembly using the tapping process on the respective parts. Our tapping service involves creating precise threads in the material, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between the assembled components. This process is commonly employed to facilitate efficient screwing and assembly procedures. Furthermore, we remove the excess material to achieve the desired final shape of a part through milling by efficiently utilizing rotating cutting tools to precisely shape and refine workpieces. By removing excess material in a controlled manner, we produce intricate details, smooth surfaces, and precise dimensions, resulting in high-quality finished parts.


Laser cutting

We Initially we design the desired outline, which is then cut into the flat metal surface using a high-powered laser beam. The laser beam, controlled by computer software, follows the designated path with exceptional precision, ensuring clean and sharp edges.  Once the outline is cut, the flat metal sheet can be easily folded into the desired shape. This folding process involves bending the metal along specific lines, allowing it to take on a three-dimensional form. Our Laser cutting service offers several advantages over traditional cutting techniques some of which are producing minimal heat-affected zones, reducing the risk of distortion or damage to the material, eliminating the need for physical contact with the metal, minimizing the potential for mechanical wear or contamination and as being a highly efficient process, it enables rapid production and reduces material waste.


CNC machining

When it comes to the production of more intricate and precise parts, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining stands out as a highly sophisticated and efficient method. At OmniParts we handle complex designs and produce parts with exceptional precision, making them indispensable in industries requiring small to large volume production guaranteeing consistent quality and reducing production time. Our expertise ensures that design iterations can be quickly implemented, and changes can be made without the need for significant retooling or setup changes. This flexibility enables faster prototyping, shorter lead times, and efficient adaptation to design changes or customizations.


Don't settle for anything less than excellence - partner with us for your mechanical processing needs!

Don't settle for anything less than excellence - partner with us for your mechanical processing needs!